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403 forbidden error code

Q: My proxies have a 403 error A: 1) The 403 error usually appears if you are used the proxies from more that 2 computers in the same time in the past 5 minutes. This disappears after 5 minutes. 2) It can also be a ban from certain...

407 error code

Q: My proxies have a 407 error code A: HTTP Error 407 Proxy authentication required means bad user/pass combination. Please check that you still have that proxy active in your account or check if the user and the pass are good and they...

502 error on cloudflare while using proxy

Q: When I use your proxies I get an empty page on cloudflare and 502 error code but when I don’t use any proxy the page loads A: Is because the webmaster of that site put a geolocation restriction, the page is visible only from certain...

503 error in AWR

Q: What is the 503 error in AWR (Advanced Web Ranking)? A: Its a google ban. Is usually temporary and it gets lifted after a few hours

Are your proxies good for getting the whois info on domains?

Q: Do you have proxies which can be used for getting the whois info on the domains (port 53) A: Yes, all our proxies are good for getting the whois information

Are your proxies https?

Q: My proxy is https? A: Yes, all our proxies are working with https and CONNECT method

Are your proxies working with Lead Kahuna?

Q: Are your proxies good for Lead Kahuna? A: Yes, they are working great.

Can i get some trial/text proxies

If you aren’t sure about our service, in some cases we can provide a few proxies for test for 24 hours.Send us a ticket here:https://members.poweruphosting.com/submitticket.php Please mention in the ticket: – if you want the proxies...

Can I get the proxies only for one month?

Q: I don’t want to renew the proxies, I just need it for one month, not recurring A: If you want just for one month, you can put a cancellation request (at the end of the billing period) after you pay the invoice. Or you can ignore the...

Can I keep the same proxies every month?

Q:I don’t want new proxies at every 30 days, is possible to keep the same proxies every month? A: Yes. Is possible to keep the same proxies every month. Please make us a ticket when you will have the proxies so we will know what proxies...

Can I pick the location of the proxies?

Q: Can you provide custom locations for my proxies? A: We can provide proxies from USA, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, UK (one country per package). But we can’t provide state selection. We are testing the locations on maxmind.com....

Can I use proxies for hacking?

Q: Can I run your proxies with hacking tools? A: No you cannot. That is against our TOS.

Can I use the proxies for SMTP emailing?

Q: Can I use your proxies to send emails via SMTP on port 25? A: No. SMTP doesn’t support http proxies, you need socks proxies

Can I use the proxies without user and pass?

Q: Can I use the proxies without username and password, just the IP:Port format? A: Yes you can. This is called authentication. You can get your proxies authenticated by submitting a ticket...

Change proxies pass

Q: How do I change the password for my proxies? A: Please submit a ticket to our tech team here: https://poweruphosting.com/members/submitticket.php

Change proxy username

Q: Is possible to change the username of the proxies? A: Yes, it is. Please send us a ticket and tell us the new username, and the username to be replaced.https://poweruphosting.com/members/submitticket.php

Do you have IPv6 proxies?

Q: Do you have proxies with IPv6? A: Sorry, we don’t have any at this time.

Do you have socks proxies?

Q: Do you have socks4 or socks5 proxies? A: No, we don’t have any type of socks proxies. We provide just http / https proxies

Do you offer auto-rotating proxies?

Q: I need to rotate my proxies at every minutes, do you offer something like that? A: Sorry, we don’t.

Does your proxies work with Money Robot?

Q:Does your proxies work with Money Robot? A: Yes and they are excellent.

ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved

Q: I get “ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved” when I enter a site on my browser A: Please make sure that the site isn’t dead, test without a proxy a see if is loading. If the proxy is dead you can ask for a replacement by...

failing on proxy-checker.org ?

Q: All my proxies are dead when I test it on proxy-checker.org A: proxy-checker.org  can test just open proxies (ip:port format), your proxies are protected with user and pass. testmyproxies.com can test proxies with user and pass

How do I cancel my proxies?

Q: I need to cancel my proxies A: You can cancel anytime from https://poweruphosting.com/members/clientarea.php?action=products .After the cancellation the active invoice for the packages will be canceled. Remember to cancel any active...

How do I make a screenshot / printscreen ?

Q: How can I make a screnshot with my proxies ? A: There are a lot of tools with which you can make a printscreen On a PC: Press the “Print screen” key on your keyboard. This key may be called ‘Prt Scn’ on some keyboards. Open...

How many connections should I use?

Q: What is the number of connections which you recommend? A: We recommend max 100 connections in total. But there isn’t any magic number. It depends a lot on your server resources, especially the on the bandwidth. You can try with...

How many other customers are shared proxies shared with?

Semi Dedicated or Shared proxies are shared among anywhere from 3 to 10 clients. This varies from proxy to proxy.

How often can I change the proxies

Q: How many replacements do you offer per month? A: By default we send a new list each time a new invoice is paid. If you would like to replace the proxies because they are dead we offer unlimited replacement. If you'd like to replace...

How to use the proxies in PHP with cURL?

Q: How should I use the proxies with user and pass in PHP ? A: <?php $ch = curl_init(“http://google.com”); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, TRUE); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, TRUE); curl_setopt($ch,...

I haven’t received my proxies

Q: I’ve paid but I didn’t got any proxies. A: We usually send the proxies after 2 to 6 hours. Please also check the spam folder on your email or My email/My Services menu from our site.If your invoice shows unpaid but you have paid,...

IP authentication or user/pass proxies?

Q:Do your proxies work through IP authorization or through username and password? A: They are working with both. By default we are sending with user and pass. But if your program doesn’t support proxies with user and pass, you can...

Making a speedtest

To test the speed of your server/proxies, you can use speedtest.net . By default speedtest.net makes the test against the closest server, that isn’t too accurate because the test server could be in the same network as your server and...

Not available for facebook error

Q: I get “Not available for facebook error” on my program A: Probably your program expect the proxies in a different format. The format could vary from a program to other but IP:Port proxy format is supported by all the programs. So,...

On which ports are running your proxies? Does the port matter?

Q: On which ports are running your proxies? Does the port matter? A: By default our proxies are running on port 80 and 55555. for some clients jut one of that might work because of their network settings, but for 99% of our clients the...

Pay the upcoming proxy invoice ahead of time?

Q:Would it be possible to pay the upcoming invoice ahead of time? A: Yes, please tell us how much funds you want to add and we will make you an invoice. After the payment the funds will be added as credit and they will be used for the...

Proxies are falling on GSA on whatismyipaddress.com test

Q: My proxies are falling on against "What Is My IP Address” in GSA A: At the date when this answer is written, was a change on http://whatismyipaddress.com  and the gsa didn’t got updated yet. You should user other tests for gsa...

Proxies for IOS devices

Q:Do you guys had proxies for iPhone and stuff? A: As long as your iPhone/iPad/Mac application supports http proxies or https proxies, it will work.

Unable to connect to the proxy server error

Q: I get “Unable to connect to the proxy server error” on my browser when I use the proxies A: Please make sure that the proxy is put in the correct format on your browser settings. You should enter just the IP and the port, the user...

What is a subnet (c-class)?

Q :I wanted to know what is the meaning of subnetsA: Here is one example : 192.168.125.xxx si 192.168.125.yyy , they have same subnet (192.168.125) and different IP’s xxx and yyy. More subnets (they are also called c-classes) means more...

What port does your proxies work on?

Our proxies work on http (80) and https port (443) they are good for browsing most pages. Our proxies cannot be used for mailing, which is often the reason people ask what ports they work on.

When the proxies will be active?

Q: I just paid my invoice. Please sent my new proxies list A: The proxies are sent by default after the payment of the invoice. Please check your email in 2 to 6 hours after the payment

Which proxy format do you offer?

Q: Which proxy formats can I get? A: We offer proxies with user and pass, by default they are sent in the ip:port:user:pass but you can rewrite that in any format which is accepted by your program (ex user:pass@ip:port). There isn’t...